About Us

Shortly after returning from service during World War II, Theodore Frucht DVM opened the Middletown Animal Hospital.  The original hospital operated out of an old farm house about 1 mile south of its current location for several years.  In 1956, to make way for Food Circus and Calico (the Evil Clown of Middletown),  Dr. Frucht moved the hospital to its current location where he was a solo practitioner until his retirement in 1982.

Henry Ferris VMD took over from Dr. Frucht and transformed the hospital from a sleepy one-doctor country practice to the model of efficiency   it is today.  He spruced up the building, expanded the staff, added associate veterinarians, extended hours (including evenings and weekends), purchased the newest equipment and brought the pet owners of Monmouth County advanced pet care to fulfill their changing needs.  One of the associates, Francisco Velazquez VMD was soon a junior partner in the practice.

After nearly 40 years of successfully servicing a rapidly growing community of pet lovers, the practice simply outgrew the original facilities and a major expansion and renovation got underway. By 1992, the hospital had nearly tripled its original size and the modest neighborhood practice that started it all, had evolved into a brand new, state-of-the-art animal hospital.

Ultrasonography, endoscopy, a full in-house laboratory and digital radiography were all added and updated to keep the practice on the cutting edge of modern veterinary science and medicine. 

After 25 years at the helm Dr. Ferris retired in 2007 and turned over the reins to Dr. Velazquez.  In 2009 Michael Yurkus DVM moved from Massachusetts to New Jersey and partnered with Dr. Velazquez.

Since its humble beginnings back in 1956, Middletown Animal Hospital has been the standard by which exemplary veterinarian care is defined and measured. Today, Doctors Velazquez and Yurkus, along with their passionate team of animal lovers ensures that every visit is a positive, professional experience for clients and patients alike.